Friday, July 31, 2009

August 2009 President's Message

July has been a busy month for me at work with all the special events I have to work so I really haven't got a lot of riding in lately. Basically I've ridden back and forth to work, and Heidi and I went to Larchwood IA for a Wednesday night Ride & Eat. I had to work Hot Harley Nights for the first time, and it was the first time I have ever seen it. It took over an hour for all the motorcycles to empty out of J&L's lot for the parade to downtown! I saw a couple of trikes in the parade that have full bodywork and you steer it with a steering wheel! In my opinion, I call that a three wheel car not a motorcycle. I did see a few Beemers parked downtown which made me feel not such an alien amongst all the chrome and loud pipes. Maybe next year we should meet downtown before the parade, and try to take up a block with our Bavarian pride?
2008 was a banner year for people taking the MSF Basic Rider Course, and 2009 is looking like it is going to be the opposite from what I've been told by my fellow ridercoaches. So if you know of someone that wants to learn how to ride, and is interested in the course, tell them to sign up now. Course dates are starting to get cancelled for lack of interest. They can either call the South Dakota Safety Council at 605-361-7785 or go to the website at
Ride safe.

Chad Gillen

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Sioux Riders Events Calendar

Here is a list of some of the events for the Big Sioux Riders. I don't know about you, but my eye, or should I say my stomach is drawn to the 28th of July for a trip to Bob's Bar!

July 9 BSR Bikers at Biker Night in Bronson, IA. Lets see how many BMWs and sport/touring bikes we can get there folks!!
July 11-12 - Adventure Riding GS201 from Bak BMW, Sioux City. Class, Campout, and Adventure Riding Challenge. $50 fee includes class, camping, dinner, beverages and door prizes. All makes/models welcome. Call for registration.
July 12 Heart of Iowa BMW Club's Annual Ride-In, Isaac Walton League at Ahquabi, Second Sunday of July
July 16-19 37th BMW MOA International Rally, Johnson City, TN
July 23-26 BMWRA Rally, Canaan Valley State Park, West Virginia
July 28 - BSR Summer RTE - Bob's Bar, Martinsburg, NE. Leaving Casey's Parking near Southern Hills Mall at 6:05 PM, or meet us in Martinsburg at 6:45 PM for giant cheeseburgers, and fryes.
August 7-9, 27th Huskerally, Franklin, NE
August 21-23 28th Annual Baxter Cycle Motorcycle Rally, Marne, IA
August 29th - Victory Open House, Bak BMW Victory, Sioux City - Demo rides, food and door prizes.
September 1 - 4 - Curve Cowboy Reunion, Ramkota Hotel and Convention Center, Rapid City, SD
September 6 GLMC's Buffalo Run Road Rally, Milbank, SD
September 12-13 Hawes Biker Days Campout, Beaver Creek, MN
September 18-20, 10th Annual IBMWR Eureka Springs Rally. Contact Harv Read 262-878-3557
October 10 - BAKTOBERFEST, Bak BMW, Sioux City - Demo rides, food and door
October 9 - 11 - Falling Leaf Rally, Potosi, MO