Sunday, November 29, 2009

December 2009 President's Message

First of all, for those that didn’t hear James Anderson’s F650GS was stolen last month, but luckily it was recovered in Sioux Falls. His experience is definitely a good reason to invest in a motorcycle security chain to prevent theft if you are going to park your bike outside on a regular basis.
Secondly, I have received about 80 coupons for the International Motorcycle Show in Minneapolis in February. Each coupon is good for $3 off the admission price for the show whether you buy your tickets online (cheaper) or at the door. I will be handing these out at Saturday Breakfasts, Wednesday Meet and Eats, and the Annual Meeting. Or you can contact me personally for a voucher number to use online, or I can mail them to you.
Lastly, mark your calendars for the Annual Meeting for Saturday January 23rd, 2010 at Tailgators in Brandon. Menu and format will be the same as last year, and you can thank Deb for setting it up. More on the menu, awards, and such for the next newsletter. Also Club Officer elections will be held at the annual meeting. According to our bylaws, our two elected positions are President and Secretary/Treasurer, and the appointed position of Newsletter editor. I cannot answer for Tom Melick, but I will not be seeking reelection for President next year, and Deb wishes to give up being Newsletter Editor with January’s newsletter being her last one. I know I can say for everyone that Deb has done an outstanding job for the club, and leaves very large boots to fill. Make sure you commend her on her great work the next time you see her. I would like to fill her position before the meeting, so they can be brought up to speed for the February newsletter that would go out right after the Annual meeting. If you are interested, please contact me.
Winter mileage contest starts December 21st and runs until March 21st. Get your mileage to me with the make and model of the bike by midnight of the 21st.
I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Drive safe and enjoy your adult beverages in moderation.

Chad “Skid” Gillen, Prez

Friday, November 27, 2009

Stolen motorcycle recovered!

Jim's bike was recovered last week in Sioux Falls near Best Buy. Luckily, very minor damage was done to the rear mudflap and nothing else. This experience goes to show that if you are going to park your bike outside on a regular basis it might be a good idea to invest in a high strength motorcycle security chain.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


James Anderson's white 2001 BMW F650GS Dakar was stolen this week from outside his residence. License is SD/MJ1650, and VIN:WB10183A51ZF70332. The spare key is missing, so it might have been in it. Most of us know what his bike looks like, or at least we know the model type. If you see it or one you suspect might be it call 911 and report it right away. Most police officers do not know this type of bike and might overlook it. Be suspicious of substituted plates or bad paint jobs on a F650GS. Also check your local motorcross tracks, and ebay and craigslist for some one trying to part it out. We are the ones who are going to help recover this bike or find the persons responsible. Be alert, Jim would appreciate it I'm sure.

Chad "Skid" Gillen

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 2009 President's Message

Our quarterly meeting last month went very well, and Deb did a fine job of typing up the minutes for this month’s newsletter. Thanks again, Deb.
And I want to admit that I “wussed out” and didn’t go to Potosi for the Falling Leaf Rally as I had planned due to the weather. I’ve got to make it a priority next year to get some better (warmer) riding gear. I was just looking at their website ( at some of this years pictures, and is it Gerald’s trailer that I’m looking at?
If you ever want to hear a good story the next time you see me, ask me about the former Basic Rider Course student, whom I failed, that accosted me at a Harrisburg bar one night. She kept referring to me and the other Rider Coach, who is also a police officer, as “Poncho and Lefty” from ChiPs, even though I corrected her several times that she thought we were “Ponch and Baker.” Ever notice that arguments with intoxicated people always go in circles and never end? Then she had the balls to offer to buy me a beer when I got up to leave. Wow.
I know quite a few of us enjoy taking in the International Motorcycle Show in Minneapolis every February (02/5, 6, & 7/2010), so I took advantage of their club discount program for ticket pricing and signed the club up. We can save money for at the door sales, and online sales. I will update you when I receive the vouchers and online discount code.
Lastly, I’m starting a winter mileage contest starting December 21st and ending March 21st. Participants must be headquartering out of the Sioux Falls area for fairness to all. Sorry snowbirds. I will donate a prize for the winner out of my own pocket. If you wish to participate send me your information: name, bike, mileage, with verification by another member via postal mail, or send me your information with a dated odometer picture via email or cell phone text by midnight December 21st. And send me the same for ending mileage by midnight March 21st.

Safe and happy riding to all.

Chad “Skid” Gillen, Prez

P.S. Send me some pictures from some of your rides and rallies this year, so I can put some on the website.