Thursday, July 8, 2010

July President's Message

"A Great Weekend to be an Autobahner"
AKA The Prez Sez by Gary (das pres) Johnson
Ok, it's always good to be a member of the Autobahn Society, but the past week was especially good. Let me explain. It started with our Wednesday night supper at Murdo's Resort south of Gavin’s Point Dam (a "dam" good time!! Sorry.) We had a great turn-out. I think about 19. After our meal, we were invited to Ed Hill's place where Ed's wife Sue treated us to homemade pie and ice cream, a staple of this club. Ed's shop, aka dream garage, was quite a hit. Thanks again to the Hills from all of us.
That night Mrs. Johnson and I camped with Larry & Mary Hawes and Bill Claussen at the Corp of Engineers Campground at Gavin’s Point. A beautiful evening for camping. The next day we went our separate ways. We met up again on Friday for the Bohemian Alps Rally at Verdigre, NE. If I counted right there were 13 Autobahners in attendance.
Now I'm trying to get to the point and that is.......I probably wouldn't have participated in these activities on my own, and even if I had, it wouldn't have been near as much fun as it was by knowing the Autobahners that shared these experiences with me. This club operates well when we are together, so try to attend as many club functions as you are able. I know you won't regret it. Ride safe and have some fun out there!

Our First Rally

Submitted by Kim Bly
Perry and I recently attended our first ever BMW Rally, the Hiawatha Rally at Money Creek Campground in southeastern MN. Since we have never been big on camping and Perry's dad lived nearby we chose not to camp, so I have to say we didn't get the entire rally experience. We did however spend some time at the campground Friday getting to know some of our members better. Despite the rain on Saturday we enjoyed a great ride along the Mississippi River in Iowa and back to the camp ground where we spent time trying to see how many people we could crowd under a small shade (rain!!) tent! We stayed for an excellent steak dinner and as we finished eating the sun came out. We then decided to ride back to Perry's dad’s while we had some sun. Unfortunately we left before prizes were handed out and it turns out we won the long distance two up contest. I heard that our ice cream cones were enjoyed by some of our other members!
We really enjoyed our first rally experience and have decided that maybe next time we should actually try camping so we get the entire experience (even if it rains) and are looking forward to the next rally.

Pre-National Ride/Campout at Shonley's

Autobahn invited to “Pre-National Ride/Campout” at Shonley’s , Sturgis, SD, July 9-11
Doug Shonley has invited Big Sioux Riders and Autobahners who are headed to the MOA National in Redmond to stop over at his home in “The Hills” July 9-11 for a little pre-rally enjoyment. He writes……
The location is exactly 5.1 miles West of Sturgis, SD, exit 30. We are planning on you arriving late on Friday evening. We have good lights so you won't be completely in the dark when you setup your tent. You will be able to park your bike inside if you want to. We also have an indoor area for eating and conversation in case of inclement weather. Plan now is to have breakfast at the Chat & Chew at 7am and start the rides at 8am. Meet back at the house around 5pm. We will have an evening meal and conversation into the night. Sunday mornings we go to Church. You are welcome to go with us. Make sure your bike is in good running order with fresh tires. The roads are very good, well marked, and usually very clean. This will probably encourage you to use more of the edges of your tires, so you want good ones. If people are interested I can setup an adventure run or two. For those with GSs we can do some gravel etc. Just let me know what you want to see.
Douglas Shonley (605)347-5006

BMW Track Day with Nate Kern

BMW Track Day with Nate Kern at Mid American Raceway, August 22
An opportunity to ride with BMW racer Nate Kern. Nate really knows how to make a BMW go around at speed!! Come spend time at Mid American Motor Plex – 30 minutes south of Omaha - and explore what you and your machine can do within the safety of a closed course. Everybody goes the same way. No trees, signs, poles or dogs. Control riders and instructors insure safe practices. Strict rules tailored to your group level for your safety. Group Levels: BMW Novice (passing only on straights), BMW Intermediate/ Advanced (passing on the outside of curves) & BMW S1000RR.
Kansas City BMW Motorcycle Club, Engle Motors and Omaha BMW, Gina's BMW, & Grassroots BMW are sponsoring the Event. Contact any of the above to participate. $150 fee - $175 day of event. The possi-bility to sit in on tech sessions only is being discussed.

“Spur of the Moment” Saturday Ride

Gary Johnson decided on Friday that he wanted to go for a ride after breakfast the next day, Saturday, June 19th. His plans were to ride to Judson Cycle at Lake Crystal and then visit the Schell Brewery at New Ulm. He e-mailed his plans to 4-5 Autobahners and hoped a “spur of the moment” ride would develop.
Saturday morning found Doug Schafer, Dale Nordlie, & Larry Hawes ready to go. Marlin Wolter who had riden into breakfast from Ocheydan, Ia, decided to ride along. James Anderson decided to ride as far as Mt. Lake and visit his son.
The six headed for Judson dropping James off at his destination. The five remaining “kicked the tires” on all the bikes Ron had in the show room and outside. With that completed four of them headed on to New Ulm. Doug lagged behind to drool over the GS models on display. Arrival at the Schell’s Brewery found it to be closed for the annual Schell Family Reunion.
Not to be disappointed they decided to ride another 50 or so miles west to Lucan, MN, and visit the Brau Brothers’ Brewery. It is a small family owned brewery run by three boys and their father. They arrived at the brewery to find the father and sons were “tasting” beer – Larry’s, Dale’s, Gary’s and Marlin’s kind of people!
The boys gave the Autobahners “the tour” and a few
“samples”. It was a very nice day ride. Proof that a great ride can be coordinated on the “spur of the moment”. Marlin & Larry try new Guzzi’s on for size

34th Iowa (Pure Stodge) Rally

Submitted by Dan Saterlee
Early on in April, I talked to Tom Melick about riding down to the 34th Iowa Rally in Middle Amana, Iowa. We decided to take off on Friday June 11th and ride down. The forecast was for monsoon type rain with wind and lightning. After packing everything in plastic including extra plastic bags, we head off Friday morning. Luckily the weatherman was wrong and it turned into a beautiful ride down to Amana. The one thing I failed to plan for was the fact that this time of year in the Midwest it is either pouring rain or a thousand degrees with 99% humidity.
We arrived at the rally in time for dinner and free beer (which is all the time), set up camp and hooked up with Bill, Larry, and Dale from the Autobahn Society. They rode down the day before with rain the entire way. We all sat and listened to the entertainment while taking advantage of the free beer. The last thing I heard Tom say was that he was going to get his $40 worth of beer. (Tom it actually lasts all three days). During the night a good strong thunderstorm came though and soaked down everything.
The next morning, we rode down to Ned’s Bike shop for hotdogs and then on to Gina’s BMW in Iowa City. The weather started to clear up just in time to see Chris “Teach” McNeil do motorcycle demonstrations on the new G450, F800GS, and the super fast S1000RR. If you haven’t seen him he is impressive. We returned to camp, ate dinner and settled for another night of entertainment.
Sunday morning, everyone headed out for home in the rain. I continued on to St. Louis for the week and had a terrific ride through the wine county of Missouri.
On a side note, during my trip home, I stopped along I-29 in Iowa at a rest area. Three gentlemen in a motor home approached me asking where I was from, where I had been, and where I was going. We talked awhile and they told me that they were on their way to Jackson Hole for a “Then Came Bronson” reunion. I was unfamiliar with this. They told me it was a TV show in 1969 that had inspired them all to ride. Three years ago they met each other on the internet and discovered that they had all been restoring 1969 Harley Sportsters to replicate the bike that was in the show. Across the county there are ten of them and they were having their 2nd reunion in Wyoming. They gave me a copy of the pilot show and showed me their bikes. To say they are enthusiastic would be an understatement but they were very nice and glad to see another rider. If you are interested, their website is