Thursday, June 27, 2013

Motorman's Motorcycle Safety Tip: Group Riding

Group Rider Hand Signals, always pass the signal back to the riders behind you.

Group Riding Outline

  • Organizing
    • Map, with directions and leader’s phone number
    • Consider rider’s abilities
    • 8 per group maximum, if more split into sub groups
    • Sets meeting times, rallying points and pre-rides the route if possible

  • Preparation
    • TCLOCK’s
      • Tires & wheels
      • Controls
      • Lights & switches
      • Oil & FUEL
      • Chains & Chassis
      • Kickstand/sidestand
    • Sweeper to have tool kit/first aid kit if possible

  • Rider Meeting
    • 30 mins prior
    • Hand out maps and exchange cell numbers
    • Assign groups
      • Leader, inexperienced riders, then sweeper

  • Hand signals
    • Stop
    • Slow down
    • Speed up
    • Turn signal still on
    • You lead/pass me
    • Single file
    • Side by side
    • Staggered
    • Hazard L & R

  • Formation
    • Single/ 2 up or side by side/ Staggered, rider on left ahead and leading
    • Do not fixate on the rider in front of you
    • Look as far up the road as possible while scanning in front of you
    • Keep a steady throttle, avoid Yo-Yo or Rubber band effect
    • Staggered formation most used
      • Keeps group close while still having adequate space cushion
      • One second following distance to diagonal rider ahead, and two seconds to rider directly ahead in optimum riding conditions
      • Keep it tight to prevent lane encroachment & group separation, & takes up less space on the highway
    • Single file
      • Construction areas
      • Curves and technical riding so riders can choose their own lines
      • Toll booths, roundabouts, bad roads, & other areas where more space cushion is needed

  • Intersections – highest risk for a crash
    • No all group start and stopping, still must yield proper right of way and check for oncoming traffic
    • Can stop side by side and take off together with left rider going slightly first and then re-establishing staggered formation while traversing intersection
    • Lead rider keeps a slow pace after traversing intersection to help re-establish group formation then slowly resumes speed limit
    • Lead rider may pull off group if group is separated.
    • Last rider of the moving group that is not separated needs to sound horn to notify Leader of the separation, (traffic light change)

  • Merging
    • Still must yield proper right of way and check for traffic
    • Maintain space cushion and following distance
    • Consider moving group over a lane at interstate on/off ramps to maintain formation

  • Passing
    • Leader will try and pick a spot where all can pass safely
    • Pass one at a time and do it safely
      • Check your own blind spot & check for your own gap with oncoming traffic
  • Parking
    • Single file
    • 45 degree along curb
    • At least 2 backed into 1 parking space in a parking lot

  • Separated from group
    • Sweeper stays with
    • Follow pre planned procedure
    • Meet at rally point
Cell phone leader

Thursday, June 6, 2013

POSTPONED UNTIL THE 22ND! Motorcycle Safety Foundation Guide to Group Riding Video

Postponed until the 22nd due to weather forcast!!!!!!

Hands on training tentatively scheduled for after Saturday breakfast on June 15th, 0900 hrs