Sunday, August 17, 2014

Looking for something to do after breakfast and before Hawes Biker Days? Here ya go.

Seizures Suck
Ride and Silent Auction to benefit Natallie Baker

Poker Run
Silent Auction

Saturday September 6th
Motorcycle run starts at
9am @ 4th St & Main Ave Northwest Parking Lot

Silent Auction to start at
Shenanigans Pub @ 11:30am
4001 W 41st St, Empire Mall

The poker run will have an entrance fee that enters the rider in a raffle for a Gun. More entries can be bought with level of swag desired.

The silent auction includes: Black Hills 3 Day/2 Night Vacation Rental Package, Local Artwork, Gun, Motorcycle Swag, and other items.

Two years ago, Jess and Ryan Baker’s family of four was blessed with a third daughter, little Natallie. After a regular pregnancy and delivery, the Baker’s expected to settle into the typical newborn routine; however, by the time Natallie was seven months old, she had spent four months in the hospital as doctors searched for answers. Natallie was diagnosed with malignant migrating partial seizure disorder with a SCN2A mutation, a rare disorder of which Natallie is the first documented case. For part of her hospital stay, Natallie was in an induced coma to rest her little body from the hundreds of seizures she was experiencing daily.
A year and a half later, little Natallie continues to fight hard. At one point, the family was unsure they would have the chance to celebrate her first birthday, and just recently, they were able to celebrate Natallie’s second year. These milestones have taken much effort on all fronts; Jess and Ryan work tirelessly with the doctors in Rochester, trying to find the delicate medicinal balance between seizure control and alertness, while Natallie continues to fight through each struggle she faces. As a result of these efforts, Natallie receives at least one seizure medication every two hours, even throughout the night. Three to four times a week, Natallie also works with physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Every night, a nurse joins their family to help with evening medications and to allow for some respite.
Because Natallie is the first documented case of malignant migrating partial seizure disorder with a SCN2A mutation, there have been no studies done on this particular seizure disorder. The doctors are learning alongside the family. Through every step of the journey, though, the Baker family continues to keep their spirits up. They cherish every day that their three little girls get to spend together, and their family of five tries to live every day to the fullest.

ERC's available in Sioux Falls

Experienced Rider Course
Nothing protects you on the road like knowledge and experience. Gain both with the Experienced Rider Course training classes. Because you have previously taken the Motorcycle Rider Course: Riding and Street Skills or the Basic Rider Course, you are eligible to participate in the Experienced Rider Course. It consists of four (4) hours of riding practice and up to one hour of classroom activities conducted between riding exercises.

Cost: $60.00 + tax
  • Must provide your own cycle (needs to be in safe street-ready operating condition) and show proof of insurance.
  • Wear riding gear consisting of: helmet, eye protection, gloves, long sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants, and over-the-ankle boots or shoes.
  • Persons under 18 years of age must obtain written parental consent.
Space is limited — Register today!

August 16, 2014; 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.; ERC-0046
      Instructor: Mark East
      Location: Sioux Falls - Southeast Technical Institute

August 23, 2014; 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.; ERC-0047
      Instructor: Mark East and John Hoek
      Location: Sioux Falls - Southeast Technical Institute

September 13, 2014; 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.; ERC-0048
      Instructor: Mark East
      Location: Sioux Falls - South Dakota DOT/GF&P/Highway Patrol Facility


Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Truth About the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally by Cpt. Captializm

No doubt you have seen, since you were a wee little babe, all the hubbub and kerfuffle about the “Sturgis motorcycle rally.”
Be it documentaries, rumor, or cameo showcases in the media “Sturgis” is embedded in the minds of all young men as a magical place of motorcycles, leather-clad women, booze, drugs, Aerosmith, and anything goes.
Sorry to let you down boys.  It just ain’t so.
Maybe back in the 60′s it was a riot.  Perhaps in the 70′s it was great.  And I’m sure there’s some wild crazy parties going on during the rally today.  But the truth is the Sturgis Rally has seen its days and it’s pretty much over.  The reason is two fold.
One, whatever hot girls attended the convention have long gotten old and saggy.  There is no new blood coming into the rally and (as an economist I’m serious when I say this) Harley Davidson has some serious legacy issues to consider.  The average age of a Sturgis goer is about 52 and the only young people (hot chicks included) are usually brought in as staff.  All those video you see on TV?  Yeah, take your eyes off of the bartender from Raleigh trying to earn tuition for the year with the pronounced cleavage and look at all the people behind her.  It’s usually an AARP sausage-fest in the background.

Two, posers.  Fucking posers.  Not to lay down too much motorcycle culture on you, there are two types of people.  Those who ride and those who haul.  Those who ride drive their bikes to the rally no matter where they’re from.  I’ve seen serious, hardcore bikers from Mexico come up, driving their hogs from south of the border.  Then I’ve seen pansy-assed pussy bankers from Fort Collins, buy a brand new Harley, haul it in their brand new Ford Expedition trailer with Ma and “cutsie puke-inducing” matching helmets, ride their bike a whopping 200 miles over the weekend, only to haul it back to Denver in the same day.  Not only are they old, fake, weak, and pathetic, they’re dangerous on the road as they’re poorly-skilled, aging baby boomer, motorcyclists trying to complete a bucket list indifferent as to whether they endanger veteran riders at the rally.

In short, Sturgis has become nothing more than the state fair.  Fat, conventional, cliche, and common.  You just need a bike and you’re there.
However, this does not mean the town of Sturgis and the Black Hills area itself isn’t worth it.
To this day I am shocked and surprised how few people know about the Black Hills, Badlands National Park, and Deadwood.  But while most people write off South Dakota as another white bred, boring, hicksville state, the far west side of the state is by far the most beautiful country in the country.  The peaks are not too tall that you have to worry about snow in July.  The Badlands are one of the genuinely unique national parks that everybody must visit.  The landscape is dotted with abandoned mining towns with a bar that nobody will ever find you at.  And if you have any inkling of patriotism and love for the US, I don’t know how you can leave this planet without visiting Mount Rushmore. But the key to avail yourself of this mandatory country is, above all else, to AVOID THE STURGIS RALLY.

The sad truth is that the Sturgis rally, which made the Black Hills what it is, denies it its best features.  You don’t want to go to Sturgis for the rally, you want to go there for the wide open west.  You don’t want to go there to be part of the crowd, you want to go there to be alone with your thoughts at some no name bar.  You want to pilot your bike through the Spearfish Canyon and the Needles Highway unencumbered.  You want to ride peacefully through the Badlands.  And you can’t do that when 750,000 motorcyclists are occupying a highway system that is normally designed to support a population of only 100,000.
So my advice to you, motorcycle enthusiast or not, is to visit Sturgis, but a solid two weeks before or after the rally.  You really aren’t missing anything, unless you have a serious hankering for flabby, wrinkly, baby boomer ass.

Friday, August 1, 2014

2004 R1150GS For Sale $5250.00

2004 BMW R1150GS w/ABS for sale. Bike is blue and white in color with approximately 43,000 miles. Includes BMW city cases with locks keyed to the ignition key, AeroFlow 2-piece Touring windscreen, OEM toolkit, OEM maintenance/rider manuals, and a Clymer service manual. New Metzeler Tourance tires installed last fall. Recent service was done this summer at BAK BMW which included new air filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, spark plugs, gear and final drive oil. New rear bearing also installed in final drive at that time. I purchased it from Power Brokers in 2010 with 26,469 miles on it. I believe I’m the second owner. No scratches or dents on the bike but there are a few scuffs on the side cases.  Asking $5,250. For information please contact Scott Taylor at or by phone at six o five-321-560nine.  Local sale, CASH ONLY. No scammers, and no unsolicited offers or services!