Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Prez Sez, by Gary Johnson, the Incognito Prez.

Hello Beemer fans and other motorized single track vehicle fans. We made it through the tropical month of July. I hate to say this, but some of those days had me dreaming of December and cross-country skiing in the Newton Hills!! If you don't know it by now, I hate riding in 100 degree heat index conditions. I have trouble concentrating on my riding, I get drowsy, and it’s just darn right uncomfortable. I know, I know, its summer and we have to expect hot days, but this past month was awful.
Oh well, enough complaining, there are better days ahead. Like Baxter Cycle's Open House in Marne, Iowa, for example, and Hawes Biker Days in Sept. By the way congrats to Larry & Mary on there 50th wedding anniversary. Sorry I couldn't be there, I hate to miss important events like that. It's been a busy summer with family from out of state here for two weeks and everything else going on. To those who did attend, I envy you. I did get to one rally, and that was the BMW-RA Rally at Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Several Autobahners were in attendance, and a good time was had by all.
Another motorcycle gathering was held at the Diner downtown on Phillips Ave., Sioux Falls, July 28th. This was the first of what many of us hope will continue to happen on the LAST THURSDAY of every month. I guess there isn't a name for it yet, but it is for anyone that likes motorcycles, especially vintage or unique models, and just likes to mingle with other riders. I counted about 40 bikes there with many belonging to Autobahners. It is a non-Harley sponsored night-out for the rest of us who aren't impressed with "chromed-out noisemakers", but still like bikes. I guess that's how I'd best describe it. It’s not a commercial event, just a place and time to "kick back" with fellow or non-fellow riders. Ladies are welcome, too, of course.
There were several Autobahners at the Newton Hills State Park over the weekend for the 32nd Annual Sioux River Folk Festival. Gerald & Sandy Winters, Gary Wilson & daughters & grandchildren, Dale, Romie, & Will Nordlie, and Jan & I were there for this excellent musical event.
I guess that's all I care to yak about for now. See you on down the road.

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