Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prez Sez, by Gary Johnson, Nov 2011

Hello winter fans!! Well, I guess winter is coming and so is planning for the annual meeting. So far I have had three suggestions, and I like all three. They are: a meeting room at the new Grand Falls Casino and help ourselves to the buffet, the meeting room at the Empire Hy Vee, and the banquet room in the train depot in Canton with a catered meal. Let me or JoAnn know what you would like. Maybe something different appeals to you. What a great October we've had! I haven't ridden as much as I want, but it sure was good when I could get away. Oh, by the way, my drive problems seem to have gone away after a transmission fluid change to Amsoil 75W140. Don't use it in your final drive, though.

I have a road trip coming up to the Chadron, NE, area soon. Yeah, it's a car trip, but a least it's a trip. I subscribe to the "maybe next year" method of motorcycle trip planning. It doesn't work very well, but it helps keep me sane, sort of... Well, have a great Thanksgiving and don't give up on a Martinsburg trip just yet. Gary "fix it in a bottle" Johnson.

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