Sunday, December 25, 2011

Prez Sez, by Gary Johnson, Dec. 2011

Hi there Beemer Fans. What a November! Lots to be thankful for. It was a great day for the late fall Martinsburg ride. Great turn-out! The next two Saturdays weren't so good, so thanks to all who were able to go.

Then there's the matter of Thanksgiving Day. A near perfect day to ride. I rode to Newton Hills, (saw two bald eagles) then on to Hudson, Hawarden, back to Newton, then Fairview, and back to Canton. I was on the RT with it’s new back tire. Oh, the turkey dinner was good, too. The dry weather continues. Maybe December will favor us with some good rides. I hope all of you had a very good Thanksgiving.

I hope Christmas will treat all of us well. I'm still hoping for that new R1200RT. (I will settle for a good used one). Looking back, 2011 has been a very good year, it starts off with a car wreck, (but that was good, because Jan & I both survived), we had a good trip to Arizona, some good bike trips, lots of good breakfast and dinner get-togethers, and countless other blessings all of us enjoyed because of when and where we were born and ended up. It is my desire that next year we all will be blessed with good health, good travels, and all the other components that keep us together as a club and a strong country.

I'm going to switch gears just a bit here and announce the date of the annual meeting. We are planning on Feb. 11th with the venue of Hy-Vee at 49th & Sycamore, Sioux Falls. Please let Mary, Jo Ann, or me know what ideas you may have for a program. Club officers are to be elected at that time and 2012 dues will be collected

Take care, ride when you can, have a very Merry Christmas. Gary (lame duck?) Johnson.

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