Saturday, February 11, 2012

January in Texas, by Mary Hawes

Right after Christmas Larry and I loaded my K-75 on the rail on the back of our fifth wheel and headed for Rock Port, Texas, thirty miles north of Corpus Christi. This is the first year we haven’t taken two bikes, but the K became a very good “two up” bike. The temps have been way above normal and we were able to ride almost every day. In the picture above we are riding on N. Padre Island. The Gulf of Mexico is in the background. The beach is very firm. Vehicles can drive on it for miles. It was pretty empty the day we were there but come spring break it will be packed with college and highschool kids. Mary.
Jack and Marlene Backer will be the official 2012 Grand Tour Rally Masters. The 2012 GT theme is “USA”. All towns must have a word starting with a U, S, or A. This year post offices can’t be used, but water towers, buildings, murals and local art projects with the town name on them can be. If you would like to try the 2012 GT, give Jack a call at (605) 321-9889, email him at or Marleen at mback68, or check the official website:

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