Friday, July 6, 2012

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By riders, for riders, it's all about the road!

Whether you are looking for a ride on a twisty road along with the excitement it provides, or a relaxed cruise on a scenic back country byway encompassed by spectacular vistas, you have come to the right place.
The United States has over 4 million miles of public highways, but here at MotorcycleRoads.US, we feature the best roads for motorcyclists, sports car enthusiasts, tourists, and other drivers. Emphasis is on 'two-lane blacktop' and the road less traveled. A vast majority of these routes were submitted by bikers, sports car drivers, and other travelers who love the open road just as you do.
We offer:
  • Over 3200 roads in all 50 states! The most wide-ranging listing available on the Internet.
  • Opportunities for you to submit your favorite road along with your comments and other information.
  • Regional and road maps using Google™ Maps technology. You can use these maps to plan your ride or drive.
  • Descriptive icons and a color coding system (red = twisty [See example], blue = sweepers, green = scenic, and brown = unpaved) to provide you with an idea of a road's attributes.
  • Free GPS files you can download.
We are pleased to announce our list of great motorcycle roads. This is not another Top 10 list of the best roads. Rather, we elected to showcase one road from each of the fifty states which provides a unique experience for riders. There are mountain roads, coastal roads, and everything in between. We call this list the Nifty Fifty. Enjoy!
Select a state from the map to find great roads in the US. Enjoy your ride or drive and remember, be safe!
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New Roads and Comments
• Delaware: SR 9
• Ohio: SR 56SR 555
• Oregon: US 97
• Pennsylvania: Allentown RoadSR 477,SR 841
• Virginia: SR-8
• Wisconsin: CR F

What's New
• Some of our reader's favorite roads last month:
  1. Tennessee - US 421
  2. Ohio - SR 555, 'The Triple Nickle'
  3. West Virginia - SR 16
  4. Vermont - SR 100
  5. Montana - US 212, the Beartooth Highway
• One of our readers, Mark Hirschhorn, produced this excellent video which showcases his two passions, music and motorcycles. Mark also wrote and sang the background music. For more information visit Mark's website.
• MotorcycleRoads.US was featured in an article on titled "Florida's Open Roads Beckon Motorcyclists". Author, Frances Robles, interviewed me to get my perspective on great motorcycle roads in Florida and roads in general. Be sure to check this article out.
• For better, faster, more secure browsing, and reliable display of Google Maps, we recommend Google Chrome orFirefox. They automatically copy your bookmarks from Internet Explorer and you can download them for free!
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