Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heidi Meets her Rock Idol (and fellow BMW rider)

Heidi meets Peter Furler at SD State Fair
  Heidi got to meet one of her idols this September by meeting Peter Furler.  Peter Furler is a singer/songwriter/producer/surfer/(BMW)motorcycle enthusiast.  Born in McLaren Vale, South Austrailia, he has sold over 7 million albums with 27 number 1 hits, and was a founder and the former lead singer of the Newsboys.  
  We went to see him perform on the main stage at Lifelight on friday night with some of his former Newsboys band members backing him up on stage.  They rocked the house, and I thought some of his songs were much better Live than on the albums.  I heard on the radio that he was also going to play "unplugged" Sunday noon at the South Dakota State Fair.  Heidi contemplated going but couldn't get anyone to go with her so she chickened out.  Her best friend, and Peter Furler fan as well, recently moved to Iowa City and constantly 'texted' her to get her to go on her own.  
  Sunday morning her friend texted her that Peter Furler  posted on Facebook that he was doing a "meet and greet" after his show!  Heidi was upset and mad at herself for not doing things like this by herself.  I looked at the time, and said "you leave now, you can just make it in time for the show."  We quickly roused the kids and got them dressed.  I took the day off from work, we loaded into the van, and boogied up to Huron.
  We got to the show right in the middle of the first song.  There was a bench right smack dab in the middle with room for five, (destiny), and sat down and enjoyed the show.  It was better than we thought.  It was personal, with lots of audience participation.  After the show we waited in line to get her album CD cover autographed.  Heidi was extremely nervous.  She didn't know what to say as it was her turn.  I had to push her forward to get her to pose for a photograph with him.  The clutch finally let out and the gears started turning after the picture.  She then told him that we had a present for him. 
  I gave him a SFPD shoulder patch.  His eyes lit up and beemed a huge smile, and he said he collected these.  Heidi informed him that I was a motor officer, and he immediately asked if we rode BMW's.  I humbly told him that my work bike was a Harley but my personal bike was a BMW.  (like he couldn't tell by my BMW shirt and BMW ball cap)  He replied, "Boy, you must really have to drag yourself to work every day then."  He then asked about my bike and asked if Heidi rode.  (now she wants a BMW of her own) He then commented on our beautiful girls, and I told him that Cecilia rides with me as well.  He then said that the next time we hear he is coming back in the area to hit him up on Facebook and we will go for a ride.  I said "Done deal.  I can hook you up with a bike no problem.  My best friend even has a 2007 BMW R1200GS just like yours."  We then let him get back to autographs and picture posing as the line was quite long, and Heidi sat back down before she fainted.  

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