Thursday, March 21, 2013

Extra Events for 2013 Season

Extra events for 2013 season, courtesy of Larry “Hardcore” Hofmeister, R1100RS rider, and fellow RiderCoach

April 13th  Moonshine Lunch Run - Saturday at noonish at Moonshine Ill.    

May 5th  Slimey Crud Run Sunday at noonish, Pine Bluff, WI

June 19 - 23rd - Dakota Dual Sports Rider Spring Rally - at the old Trout Haven in the Hills

August 23 - 25th Aerostich Very Boring Rally 3 - Duluth, MN

September 20 – 22nd  Bikes, Blues & Barbeque - Feyetteville, AR

October 6th Slimey Crud Run Sunday noonish, Pine Bluff, WI

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