Thursday, September 26, 2013

BMW NineT spied!

A reader of the BMW Motorrader magazine has taken these two pictures in Rovereto, Italy and sent them to his fav mag. They show the final air-cooled boxer-powered bike BMW is rumored to manufacture, before they jump in the liquid-cooled bandwagon for good.
This streetfighter was teased during the 2012 EICMA in Milan, Italy but it looks like it was a well-kept secret. The NineT is said to be unveiled on October 16th and it's then when we get to learn all the details behind this bike.

According to BMWMcMag, the BMW NineT could deliver 88HP with 110 Nm (82 pf-lbs) of torque. The front end looks similar to the one on the S10000RR, and the elongated tank should be able to accommodate quite a lot of fuel.

It also appears like Akrapovic has already been working on a custom exhaust for the BMW NineT, as one of the bikes has an aftermarket silencer, while the other shows a stacked, dual exhaust, most likely the stock equipment.

With 3 weeks or so until the rumored unveiling date, we're already hooked on this. Price is rumored to be under €14,000 ().

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