Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bob's Bar Run, Saturday March 30th

Last Sat. at the BSR breakfast, Marlin told me to make the call for our 1st club ride, since he will be in Colorado. Dale called me tonight and said this coming Sat.looks good for the Martinsburg ride. So, I am asking you to send out an e-mail blast to the club members. Pack your rain gear, eat a light breakfast, and get ready to ride after our breakfast at Grandma Max's. Thanks, Mary, take care. 

Gary "the regular guy" Johnson.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Extra Events for 2013 Season

Extra events for 2013 season, courtesy of Larry “Hardcore” Hofmeister, R1100RS rider, and fellow RiderCoach

April 13th  Moonshine Lunch Run - Saturday at noonish at Moonshine Ill.              http://moonshine-run.com/Moonshine/

May 5th  Slimey Crud Run Sunday at noonish, Pine Bluff, WI

June 19 - 23rd - Dakota Dual Sports Rider Spring Rally - at the old Trout Haven in the Hills

August 23 - 25th Aerostich Very Boring Rally 3 - Duluth, MN

September 20 – 22nd  Bikes, Blues & Barbeque - Feyetteville, AR

October 6th Slimey Crud Run Sunday noonish, Pine Bluff, WI

Plasti Dip your bags

Heidi's 1997 BMW F650ST doesn't really look like it is 15 years old.  Thanks in part to its styling, low miles, and the great care from its previous owners.  However, one part was showing its age.  And that was the integral city bags.

The picture doesn't show it well, but the black bags had a milky white appearance to them in several areas that no matter what product I used I couldn't get to come off.  We didn't really want to take the freedom stickers off, but the bags are the only thing that made it look its age.  I then found a product on the Internet called Plasti Dip made by Performix.   I've heard of Plasti Dip before as a coating to dip the handles of your tools in for added grip and insulation.  But I didn't know that it came in a spray.  Also, I had used their ReRack Dishwasher rack repair recently and decided to do more research on YouTube,  www.plastidip.com, and www.dipyourcar.com.

Plasti Dip comes in so many colors that people are spraying their cars, wheels, and other things that it is a rapidly growing product line.  The basic colors of black and white can be found at Menard's, Ace Hardware, Home Depot,  etc.  Specialties like Camo or Blaze or Metallics you'll have to order.  So I got a can of black spray at Menard's for about $6.  I prepped the bags by using a hair dryer to get all the stickers off.  Then I smeared some peanut butter on the remaining adhesive.  That's right creamy peanut butter and a little time will get it off.  Or peanut oil if you got it.  Clean, and wipe everything down with rubbing alcohol and you are ready to paint.

Use light coats when spraying, and since the garage was kinda cold I kept the can in the house between coats.  I put on 5 coats total, and moved the bags into different positions between each coat to get all the surfaces.  I didn't tape off anything, including the BMW roundels.  One of the cool things of Plasti Dip is that you can peel it off.  All, or even just a part of it.  After I was all done, I just used a fingernail to pull up and peel off the Plasti Dip from the roundels.  The finished product as you can see is a real nice matte black finish to the bags.

You can still see a little line from the freedom stickers that I couldn't clean off the bags before I PlastiDipped them, but now they look like almost new bags.  And as a bonus, if the bags get scuffed up somehow, you can just clean that area and spray a patch of Plasti Dip back on that area and it blends in.

It was a fun, quick winter project and now I'm thinking of doing the wheels next, and Darryl Reemtsma is thinking of doing his whole R1200GS in the camo colors.

Chad G.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BAK Spring Open House, March 23rd!

I just wanted to take a minute and remind you of the festivities coming up at my store so Take a look and put it on your calendar now so you don't miss out.
Friday and Saturday March 22nd and 23rd we will have discounts on all parts, accessories and apparel both in stock and special order.  You will receive 10% off on all your purchases up to $500 and if you spend more than that you will get 15% off.  So make sure you get your list ready.  Look at the catalogs at http://www.bakmc.com/catalog.php?cat=street to check out all sorts of cool new stuff.
There will also be some great sale prices on all of the bikes we have in stock.  With the current programs that could mean a discount of up to $3500 if you qualify for all of them.  That is some serious savings.
If you haven't registered for the t-shirt drawing yet make sure you get signed up at www.bakmc.com/pc, but hurry 'cause they are going quick.
We will also be demo riding bikes.  We will have the following bikes available for test rides:
Cross Country Tour
Cross Country
High Ball
R1200GS Water Cooled
We will also be serving lunch on Saturday starting at about 11:00 am.
Get ready for a great time and a great riding season.  It's gonna be a fantastic year!
Dave Bak
Bak BMW Victory KTM
1900 Hwy 75 N Business
Sioux City, IA  51105