Monday, March 23, 2009

April 2009 President's Message

Well, Black Betty (2002 R1150R) is back from Judson Cycle safe and sound. One of my ratchet tie downs broke and luckily I found it as I was loading it up. It was the ratchet itself that was broken. It seemed strange to me. Judson helped me out by giving me some BMW shipping straps and got her secured in no time. The webbing on those straps are stout and look like plastic covered Kevlar or something. Sad thing is that I’ve been sick with bronchitis and haven’t ridden it yet, and now the weather is going back to snow. One of my own safety rules I set a couple years back is that I never ride when I’m sick. It is too easy to lose focus and let your symptoms occupy your attention.
Bylaws committee met for the first time and we found out there are two sets of bylaws out there, and it is uncertain what we are operating under. However, those that were present did come to some mutual conclusions and one of those is that most members like that this is an informal club. In fact, after the meeting I ran into a BMW rider (R1100R) who is not a member. I gave him a club card and introduced myself. He said that he isn’t one to be in a club. I explained to him how informal we are, and I believe that he may come to a Wednesday ride & eat or a Saturday breakfast.
Speaking of Saturday breakfasts, I am setting April 25th as the joint breakfast to meet with the Big Sioux Riders. Right now the plan is to meet at Arlene’s Sunnyside CafĂ©, 111 Iowa St, Alcester, SD at 9 AM. This is a one-hour ride for both clubs. I’ve never been there, but I will be doing some checking to make sure that they can handle us. Look for updates on the new blogspot website that I started. Check it out at This will have similar information, plus more, that you find in the club newsletter. You do not have to sign in and be a follower of the site, blogspot is just an easy way to get our club on the web. Deb sent me some club logos to put on it, but I have yet to figure out how to change a .doc file to a .jpeg file. If you have pictures, videos, articles, items for sale, or anything you want to add the site, send me an email and I’ll post it.
Lastly, if you are not getting the newsletter by email, and have the ability to do so, please do. Keeping costs down, means keeping dues down. And if you haven’t paid your dues by now, Why not? It’s April already. Stay alert and ride safe.

Chad “skid” Gillen, Prez

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