Thursday, July 8, 2010

“Spur of the Moment” Saturday Ride

Gary Johnson decided on Friday that he wanted to go for a ride after breakfast the next day, Saturday, June 19th. His plans were to ride to Judson Cycle at Lake Crystal and then visit the Schell Brewery at New Ulm. He e-mailed his plans to 4-5 Autobahners and hoped a “spur of the moment” ride would develop.
Saturday morning found Doug Schafer, Dale Nordlie, & Larry Hawes ready to go. Marlin Wolter who had riden into breakfast from Ocheydan, Ia, decided to ride along. James Anderson decided to ride as far as Mt. Lake and visit his son.
The six headed for Judson dropping James off at his destination. The five remaining “kicked the tires” on all the bikes Ron had in the show room and outside. With that completed four of them headed on to New Ulm. Doug lagged behind to drool over the GS models on display. Arrival at the Schell’s Brewery found it to be closed for the annual Schell Family Reunion.
Not to be disappointed they decided to ride another 50 or so miles west to Lucan, MN, and visit the Brau Brothers’ Brewery. It is a small family owned brewery run by three boys and their father. They arrived at the brewery to find the father and sons were “tasting” beer – Larry’s, Dale’s, Gary’s and Marlin’s kind of people!
The boys gave the Autobahners “the tour” and a few
“samples”. It was a very nice day ride. Proof that a great ride can be coordinated on the “spur of the moment”. Marlin & Larry try new Guzzi’s on for size

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