Sunday, August 8, 2010

August President's Message

The Prez Sez…..
Hi Beemer Fans. When you see this message, it will already be August! Summer is going fast (like always) and I don't feel like I've done enough riding. I checked the miles on my "new" rear tire and it already has 5000+ miles on it! How did that happen? I guess those trips to Lucan and Verdigre do add up.
There are some good motorcycle events still coming up. For example, Baxter Cycle Open House in Marne, IA Aug. 21 & 22, The Husker Rally in Nebraska, Aug. 13-15. Oh yeah, there's a rally in the Black Hills, August something, with lots of bikes going about saving lives (loud pipes, save lives).
Finally I've been doing my civic duty in my home town of Canton, "The Gateway City". Most evenings I go on Scooter Patrol, riding the neighborhoods on my super quiet Kymco. Often Mrs. Johnson (The First Lady) goes along as my assistant Scooter Patrol Person. It's good to have an extra set of "eyes" if you will. After a good excursion through town, Jan & I can go home and sleep well well knowing everything is fine to the best of our knowledge. This is very informal and not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with our local neighborhood watch or police or sheriff departments!! If any of you would like to help out there will be a sign up sheet at our next “Scooter Patrol” meeting. Time and place to be determined. Maybe!!
Take care, ride safe, ride often (even if it's a scooter).
Gary "das prez" Johnson.
Rider of '96 R1100RT (totaled as for insurance purposes*) & '09 Kymco 250 Grand Vista (still not broken).
*Gary’s parked bike was backed into and knocked down. Another story.

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