Monday, October 18, 2010

The Prez Sez, October 2010

Submitted by Gary Johnson
Hi everyone. Do any of you feel like the riding season has sort of passed you by? Well I do, and here's why; lots of plans, or should I say desires to go to more rallies this year, too many other things going on or coming up that prevented rally attendance. Weather forecasts that discouraged rally attendance. I'm guilty of lack of commitment I guess. I hope this hasn't happened to you.
October can be a great month to get some quality riding time in. The Falling Leaf Rally is a good one, or so I've heard. This year lack of enough vacation time from work is my demise. To those of you who are fortunate enough to go, have a safe and fun trip. Another thing that bothers me, is the good people that are newer members to the club and I haven't see you lately. Part of this is my fault for missing so many Saturday morning breakfasts. I hope to be there more regularly the rest of this year and beyond. Well, maybe I've said enough for now. Let's hope this October brings us better weather than last year's dismal, poor excuse for fall weather. I rode more in November last year than I did in October! Take care everyone, and sneak those rides in when you can!

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