Friday, December 3, 2010

Rushed by the Wind

Rushed by the Wind. by Cecilia Elaine Gillen (age 10)

I tuck my hair behind my ears, and slip my blinding red helmet on. Kicking my leg over the motorcycle, I get on. I see a mouse scatter by as my dad gets on next. He revs the engine, and the motorcycle roars to life. We back out of a toy stuffed garage.
Then we race down the street as I take in whiffs of gas fumes. Now we're nearing the gas station. As we slowed down the wind whistled around my helmet. My dad stops to feed the bike the ooey gooey gas it constantly craves. Then my dad shoots me a gigantic smile. We take off again rushing into the country. The grass sways peacefully as the mixture of herbs and grains come together to create an earthy smell. We come to a sudden halt and I slam up against my dad's back. I murmur I'm sorry but he doesn't hear me. Instead he turns around, and we head home.
The land become familiar and soon we enter our neighborhood. Now we're nearing the house. Dad opens the garage door, and we enter. He kicks down the peg, and gets off first according to plan. I get off next. Then we both start to take off our gear. I pull off my helmet, and my hair is no longer silky, but poofy and full of static. Home Sweet Home.

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