Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Horay for Hoot!

Hoot Gibson was elected State Commander for the South Dakota American Legion June 20 in Spearfish. A ceremony to honor this occasion will take place in Sioux Falls on Saturday, August 14. The ceremonies will start with a continental breakfast at the Legion (1701 W. Legion Dr.) from 9-11 and will continue at 11:00 with a "caravan" to Memorial Park where a lite lunch will be served from 12:00 - 1:00. The installation will take place from 2:00 - 4:00. Social hour, dinner and dance will take place later. Hoot has invited Autobahners to attend the events. He will be riding in a sidecar for the caravan and would especially like to have Autobahners and their BMW's ride with him. This is a very important position for Hoot and it would be nice for Autobahn to show their support.

Contact Gary Johnson for details - buzzfeldspar@yahoo.com,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

August President's Message

The Prez Sez…..
Hi Beemer Fans. When you see this message, it will already be August! Summer is going fast (like always) and I don't feel like I've done enough riding. I checked the miles on my "new" rear tire and it already has 5000+ miles on it! How did that happen? I guess those trips to Lucan and Verdigre do add up.
There are some good motorcycle events still coming up. For example, Baxter Cycle Open House in Marne, IA Aug. 21 & 22, The Husker Rally in Nebraska, Aug. 13-15. Oh yeah, there's a rally in the Black Hills, August something, with lots of bikes going about saving lives (loud pipes, save lives).
Finally I've been doing my civic duty in my home town of Canton, "The Gateway City". Most evenings I go on Scooter Patrol, riding the neighborhoods on my super quiet Kymco. Often Mrs. Johnson (The First Lady) goes along as my assistant Scooter Patrol Person. It's good to have an extra set of "eyes" if you will. After a good excursion through town, Jan & I can go home and sleep well well knowing everything is fine to the best of our knowledge. This is very informal and not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with our local neighborhood watch or police or sheriff departments!! If any of you would like to help out there will be a sign up sheet at our next “Scooter Patrol” meeting. Time and place to be determined. Maybe!!
Take care, ride safe, ride often (even if it's a scooter).
Gary "das prez" Johnson.
Rider of '96 R1100RT (totaled as for insurance purposes*) & '09 Kymco 250 Grand Vista (still not broken).
*Gary’s parked bike was backed into and knocked down. Another story.

Weekend Trip form Colorado Springs to Sioux Falls, by Rich Crawford

(Rich recently moved from Rock Rapids, IA, to Colorado Springs, CO)
On weekend of June 25-26-27 I rode my R1100 RT from Colorado Springs to Sioux Falls to participate in Salute to The Troops at Sioux Empire Fairgrounds, including Honor Flight Luncheon on Saturday and Warriors Worship Service on Sunday. "The Wall" was on display there as part of the event, along with a number of other military and historical exhibits. On Sunday PM and Monday I was able to visit with a number of relatives and friends in SD and IA before motoring to Omaha for the night, and taking off from there early Monday for balance of trip home. It was 730 miles here to SF, and about 200 miles in and around the area, and another 795 miles back westward. Got some sunburn on return trip, and took a hit from small stone from construction truck, striking me between the helmet and goggles. Good argument for full-face helmet protection.
We would welcome any Beemer riders to swing by our place outside of Colorado Springs when their travels bring them this direction?

Me Hard at Work????, by Gary Pedersen

So here I am, retired and working summers in Alaska and getting paid to stand on footpegs, have handlebars in my hands and watch wildlife. It's a pretty good gig. (Gary works part time as a guide for Alaska ATV Adventures.) It is hard to believe that we’ve been here almost three months. The tourist numbers are up considerably from last year and I worked the first eleven days when I got here in May. Things have settled down now and I am back to the two to four days a week that I like. The salmon are late arriving, and the numbers are down so the bears have remained high on the mountain sides making it difficult to get the clients close to the bears. I thought you might like to see a few pictures of me “hard at work”!!
I will be leaving Alaska for home (Chester, SD) on August 14th and hope to be at the Beartooth Rally in Red Lodge, Montana, on the way home. Will there be any Autobahnners there? gkpeder@itctel.com. 605-489-2665.

Gary also reports that the water pump seal on his 650 went out. The good news is that it went out in town, and not halfway between Nowhere and Noplace. He promises a story.

D2D (Dust to Dawson) Rally, by Gary Pedersen

“A trip of a lifetime, this rally begins wherever you are and culminates in Dawson City at the Downtown Hotel”
This year was a success with over 170 motorcycles in front of the Downtown Hotel at midnight June 24th. There were three injury crashes and ten motorcycles were unable to complete the trip. The most interesting crash was the 2008 R12GS that was literally broken in half when the rider unsuccessfully jumped an erosion caused ravine in the road. A beaver dam broke, and the flood of water almost instantly caused a ditch in the roadway that was about four feet across and four feet deep. Hopefully, I will have pictures to share when I get back.

2010 Top O' the Rockies Rally and Brewery Tour, by Dale Nordlie

I took off the Saturday prior to the rally. My first stop was at Love's (not Pilot anymore) Truckstop for breakfast. I heard several comments about the new tires on my bike. (Some other “unnamed” person was destined to have the tire problems this year.) I noticed that my speedometer was not functioning just after I hit the interstate. Not a problem, as I had a "trusty" GPS?! I arrived in Rapid City mid afternoon and rode Nemo Road and Vonocker Canyon Road to Sturgis to see the new BMW shop. They are on the other side of town now. Took off to climb Bear Butte and then find a place to camp. Later that night I noticed that my "trusty" GPS had added about 200 miles to my trip and that I was really speeding all day. It said I had ridden 658 miles and my average moving speed was 91.3 mph.
I rode Spearfish Canyon Road the next morning and then headed towards Wyoming and then Colorado. The Corvette Rally was ending in Spearfish that morning and I managed to get behind a string of Vettes going about 85 mph between Mule Creek Junction and Lusk, WY. Had a sandwich in Lusk and continued on to Loveland, CO. I set my tent up at Boyd Lake State Park and then found the Left Hand Brewery in Longmont. I sampled a few of the beers (my favorite IPA was called 200 Pound Monkey) and then headed back to the park.
Monday morning I took off into the mountains and stopped in Lyons for breakfast. Dale's IPA is brewed in Lyons, CO, but the brewery wasn't open yet. I continued through Boulder, CO, into the mountains and stopped at Idaho Springs to visit the Tommyknockers Brewpub and then to Breckenridge to the Breckenridge Brewery where I had lunch. That night I camped at a national forest campground somewhere around Fairplay, CO.
I decided I should ride down to Del Norte, CO, on Tuesday. Get it? Dale Nordlie/Del Norte!! Anyway I saw that there was a brewery there, also. I had a small taste of the IPA and took off towards Gunnison. It started to rain in the mountains, but the first shower I just got wet and dried off fairly quickly. In a while I passed a Harley going the other way, and the woman passenger put both of her arms up like she was trying to tell me something, and then I noticed her rain suit. The sky was getting darker and I soon stopped and donned my rain suit. It rained quite a lot and I'm glad I stopped when I did. The problem with getting wet in the mountains is you also get pretty cold. I arrived in Gunnison and promptly found the Gunnison Brewery where I sampled their beers and had lunch. Then it was off to The Black Canyon of the Gunnison. The north canyon road is about as fine a motorcycle road as you can find, and there is very little traffic. I camped at the north park campgrounds that night and watched the sun go down over the canyon.
Wednesday morning I rode into Paonia to have breakfast at the diner. I had breakfast with Dave Maly from Madison, WI. Actually we stayed there for quite a while as it had started to rain while we were eating. Dave has been riding for quite a while and knows several Autobahners. When it stopped raining I headed to the park to set up my tent. I was suprised to see that the beer vendors were already selling beer and was glad to see that they had the local brewery beer on tap. Revolution Brewery has been brewing beer in Paonia for three or four years now. They have the tasting room in a small church building that originally was owned by a Christian Scientist Congregation. Sarah Mandel & Friend Gerald Winter, Bob Mandel & Bill Claussen
Thursday morning I had breakfast early and headed back to the Black Canyon as I had booked a ride on a 40 passenger pontoon boat a few days prior. To get to the boat you have to ride down a fairly steep three quarters of a mile gravel road and then go down maybe 200 steps and hike three quarters of a mile. So I did it. Turned on my camera and it says I need to change batteries. Batteries are on the bike three quarters of a mile and 200 steps up. I knew I would hate myself if I didn't take pictures. So I headed back to the bike to get them. Got to the boat in plenty of time the second go around. The boat ride takes you through the canyon where once there was railroad. The river has been dammed so now most of the old railroad bed is underwater. After the boat ride I walked back as far as I could on the old railroad bed. This is a beautiful boat ride and I would suggest it to anyone who has the chance to do it. Black Canyon of the Gunnison from the top and “end of the line”
I decided to stay close to town on Friday. A bus tour of some of the local wineries was being offered, so I signed up for that. Five dollars got you food and a lot of good wine. After the tour some of us went to Revolution Brewery to do a little beer tasting. Later while visiting in the park Gerald and Bill show up frazzled from a hard day on the road and tire problems.
Saturday I had breakfast with Bill and Gerald and then I rode to Crested Butte, CO, via Kebler Pass on a nice gravel road that gets you high in to the old aspen forests. I did a little sightseeing and shopping in town and checked out where the brewery had been (they had moved down to Gunnison). I rode back on the Black Canyon Road again. We had the traditional chicken and rib supper that night and listened to the band called the Strolling Scones.
Sunday we packed up and Bill, Gerald and I rode together north through the McClure pass to Glenwood Springs and eventually through Rocky Mountain National Park. On the way, Bill took us on a nice gravel road that runs from State Bridge, CO, to Kremmling, CO. We rode as far as Chappell, NE and stumbled on a nice little private cheap campground. Monday we had breakfast in
Gerald & Bill in Rocky Mountain National Park Gerald throws snow balls Ogallala, NE, and continued our trek home.
I put something like 2800 miles on my new to me 1995 R1100GS and it ran great. I got between 40 and 50 miles per gallon on the trip and the only problem was a broken speedometer cable.

MOA National Rally Report, by Ray Hansen

Mary, I did go to the National. No camera so sorry no pictures. I traveled with Tim Jensen from Rapid City and his friend Ben from North Carolina and John Villella from Council Bluffs, IA. We left Rapid City on Wednesday the 14th at 6:00 AM. Traveled to Spokane, WA, for the first day. Arrived at Redmond early afternoon on Thursday. Rally grounds very nice and very well organized. A lot of vendors. BMW had fleet there for demo rides. I did see Dave McBride and Tom Butters and Skeeter at the rally. Traveled the following week to Top of the Rockies in Paonia, CO. Met Gerald Winter, Bill Claussen, Dale Nordlie, Tom Buttars & Skeeter again at Paonia. We rode the Sawtooth in Idaho and through Salt Lake City down to Capitol Reef N.P. and Arches N.P. and followed the Colorado River from Moab into Colorado. Weather was great and other than road construction no issue's. Approximately 750 at the rally in Paonia and 6100 at the National in Redmond. Next year’s national in Bloomsburg, PA.

Local Day Trips, by Dan Saterlee

On Sunday, 7-12-10, a couple of buddies and I decided to take a little day trip in southern Minnesota. Darin Olson, an old Army buddy of mine from Hanley Falls, MN, invited us to ride the Minnesota River Scenic Byway. We started out at 6:00 am from Brandon and met him at his farm about 8:30 AM. He asked us if we were afraid of riding “a little gravel” and we assured him that we were ready. I was riding my R1200GS Adventure, Steve Fiegen was riding his Suzuki VStrom, and Darin was riding his Kawasaki KLR650. We headed to Montevideo and out on the trail. The Scenic Bypass consists of a combination of asphalt, good gravel, bad gravel and if you take some of the off shoot trails, (cont. from previous page) water covered goat paths. As it turns out, his idea of “a little gravel” and mine are two different things. We averaged about 30 MPH on the trip riding roads ranging from rocks and sand requiring pretty technical riding skills to smooth southern Minnesota highways.
The scenery was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. We took our time and ended the Scenic Byway at Redwood Falls where we parted ways. The Byway continues on through New Ulm down to Mankato. We saved that part for another day. All in all it was a great ride and close to home. We ended up putting on about 350 miles in an 11 hour period. We had plenty of breaks along the way. There is no shortage of small burger joints and restaurants along the way. It just goes to show that you don’t have to make a long planned-out distant trip to have a great ride.

Iowa Guzzi Rally, Elkader, IA, by Marlin Wolter

Larry & Mary Hawes and Bill Claussen met me in Round Lake, Mn, about 8:45 am Friday the 9th of July. We headed east on Back Roads all the way to Elkader. It was a perfect day for riding and Larry picked a great route - good roads, light traffic and beautiful scenery. We arrived at Elkader at about 3 pm. Tom Meister was already there and we set up camp in the City Park next to him. There were lots of trees and good facilities.
We were treated to a roast beef supper Friday night. Saturday morning the Legion served us a pancake and scrambled egg breakfast. Tom and I went on the guided trip to Dyersville to the National Farm Toy Museum and the antique store Saturday morning and ate lunch at a restaurant close to the museum. We returned to Elkader by different roads - there are a lot of great roads around that area to ride. Some of the Autobahners rode to Cabela’s at Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin, and did a little shopping.
Saturday night we were treated to a Pork Chop Supper with all the trimmings - including a large selection of pie for desert. I was quite impressed by how much the local community was involved in the Rally. Even the County Dairy Princess and Pork Queen helped serve the meal. After the meal they had a Parade of Bikes through Main Street of Elkader and around the edge of town. I took part in that.
Sunday we got an early start home. Izzy Szkok joined us on the ride home. Once again it was a perfect day for riding and we stumbled on a nice little restaurant at Dunell, MN, for lunch.
I’m looking forward to going back next year. I’m told the 2011 Guzzi National Rally will also be held at Elkader (Ed. Note: Jim Brewer on his Guzzi was also in attendance.)