Sunday, February 6, 2011

Da Prez Sez, February 2011, by Gary Johnson

Hi everyone. Time is slipping by fast until the Annual Meeting. I hope to see lots of you there. We will have elections for the following positions; President, Sec-treasuer, and newsletter editor/publisher. Be thinking about who you would like to have in those positions. There will be door prizes, maybe a program, maybe other surprises, who knows what can happen at an Autobahn Annual Meeting?
I need to get a good number turned in to Cherry Creek so we have enough food for everyone. If you haven’t made your reservation, do so SOON.
Bob Jenson volunteered his place to anyone who wants a place to stay after the meeting. Bob is only a few blocks from Cherry Creek and he says anyone can "campout" in his basement. This is an option for anyone who doesn't want to drive home afterward or just wants to save the money they would spend on a motel room. Contact him at 605-201-4199.
Now for some personal comments, Jan & I survived a rather nasty car accident January 9th. Thanks to divine intervention, I believe, we were spared serious injuries or worse. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and other acts of kindness. We feel very blessed to have such good friends.
I hope to see all of you Feb. 19th and I sincerely hope all of us have a safe, fun, and productive rest of the year! Gary, "Das Prez" Johnson.

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