Sunday, February 6, 2011

Das Prez Sez, January 2011, By Gary Johnson

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Years. James & Linda Anderson, Dale Nordlie, the First Lady & I attended the Big Sioux Riders' Christmas party in Sioux City last month. A good time was had by all. In a sad note I want all of you to keep Randy Roos in your prayers. Randy was at the party in good spirits and a few days later was flown to Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls with some serious medical issues and is still in intensive care.
Back to the point I'm trying to make; It seems whenever motorcycle riders get together, there is a comradery that's hard to beat. It can be the Wed. night suppers, Sat. AM breakfasts, rallies, Hawes Biker Days, the annual meeting or just a few riders getting together for coffee or beverages. Whatever it is, there seems to be a fun factor that makes our lives so much more enjoyable. By now, some of us are getting cabin fever or riding withdrawals. Not all of us can seek out better weather. I got a Christmas gift that is helping my fragile mental state. It's a small remote controlled helicopter called an "Air Hog" (no connection to the 2 wheeled "Hog"). I was sort of joking about wanting a toy helicopter that really flies, and my step-daughter got one for me! It's really fun, some hands-on activity that takes my mind off riding, or lack of riding. It's sort of like a giant dragon fly buzzing around the living room. Anyway, that's how I am coping with this frigid weather. Have a good New Year, see you at the Annual Meeting!
P.S. My New Year’s Resolutions are ----

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