Monday, June 13, 2011

Autobahn invited to Campout at Shonley's, Sturgis SD July 8 & 9

Autobahn invited to Campout at Shonley’s , Sturgis, SD, July 8 & 9
Doug has invited Big Sioux Riders and Autobahners to the campout at his home in “The Hills, Friday and Saturday, July 8-9. Doug e-mails. “We will probably do some motorcycle video during the evenings and I am thinking about a riding point seminar bringing up some of the points that I learned at the California Super Bike School.
Taken from 2010 invitation….. The location is exactly 5.1 miles West of Sturgis, SD, exit 30. We have good lights so you won't be completely in the dark when you setup your tent if you arrive late Friday night. You will be able to park your bike inside if you want to. We also have an indoor area for eating and conversation in case of inclement weather. Call Doug at (605)347-5006.
Click onto YouTube - Doug at Las Vegas Motor Speedway California Superbike School for a video of Doug at the school in March.
Click onto for info on an “invention” Doug has put together.

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