Monday, June 13, 2011

Illinois Guzzi Rally 235, Weatherman 0

I looked up Burlington, Iowa’s, zip code several days prior to the rally to get as much local weather info as I could from my weather channel from DirecTV. It didn’t look good. Having missed a couple events already this year because of work I decided to go. Because of the rotten forecast the RT was the bike of choice and Thursday was the day of departure.
On Thursday morning I waited until the temp reached 55O and left at 10AM. It looked like rain to the south and south west most of the trip but I never hit a drop. The wind was a slight bother the whole day - gusting at 20-30 mph. (Don’t want to know my gas milege for the trip!!)
Arriving at Big River campground a little after 3:00 in the afternoon I was greeted by around twenty bikers already there and several hundred black knats with more arriving by the minute. Of course I had my bug repellant in a safe place at home. I set up camp in record time swearing the whole time at those little S.O.Bugs.
Early Thursday evening I rode into Keithsburg for repellant and supper. About eight bikes of various brands were parked at the local bar. I went in and sat with a Guzzi rider I knew. On Thursday night they have a fairly large taco for $1.75 so I had a fairly cheap supper. Returning to the campground I was surprised to find free beer and pizza. Does life get any better than this?? Yes, it does!!
Friday morning the sun was coming up and they had fresh coffee and leftover pizza on a flattop grill for breakfast. Friday at noon four of us rode back to the bar in Kiethsburg for dinner. We watched the weather forecast and radar map….was sure happy I didn’t cross Iowa on Friday. They were still forecasting rain for the area for the weekend. Friday nite, still no rain but I could see a large Guzzi supper was in the forecast. Brats, hot dogs, chili, and Italian vegetable soup with beer for desert.
Woke up early Saturday morning and left with a group of Guzzi riders to go to Kirkwood for the free fireman’s breakfast. On the return trip we finally ran into a light rain for about five miles and that was all it rained on Saturday. At noon you could buy brats or burgers at the campground at a very good price.
Saturday night we were all forced to eat yet another large meal. After smelling the cooked barbecued pork all day this was a very enjoyable task. If you go hungry at a Guzzi rally, you came with lips sewed shut. I don’t know how they do it for such a low rally fee. Friday & Saturday nights they also had a blue grass band. Early Sunday morning we finally received our forecasted rain. Could not have been more than a few tenths. Sunday morning found more sunshine and a continental breakfast for everyone. The ride home was about as enjoyable as attending a high school graduation – more side winds but again no rain. It sure looked like rain a half a dozen times but the rain gods were good to me. Came home with bug bites and wind burn but still a pretty good weekend.

Submitted by Tom Meister

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