Tuesday, March 16, 2010

40+ Autobahners Attend Annual Meeting / 2010 Kickoff

Stormy weather forced postponement of Autobahn's Annual Meeting originally scheduled for January 23, 2010. Nicer weather was enjoyed by those who attended the rescheduled meeting at Tailgator's, Brandon, SD, on February 27,2010.
Those attending dined at a "pasta buffet" - chicken alfredo & lasagna - along with tossed salad and garlic bread. A chocolate/carmel ice cream sundae topped off the meal.
Tom Melick passed out ballots to Autobahners to register their guesses for the total miles on the tire he had on display that he had taken off his R1200CL. Ballots would be checked at the end of the evening.
President Chad Gillen called the meeting to order. The first item of business was the presentation of the Lifetime MOA Membership to Wes Audus.
Chad showed and discussed a safety motorcycle riding film to remind riders to SEE while riding - search for road & traffic conditions, evaluate what may happen, & execute your speed, lane position, and communicate your intentions.
Chad mentioned that the original By-Laws would remain in effect. Members were reminded to check the roster being passed around and make any corrections in spelling, e-mail & snail-mail addresses, and phone numbers.
A suggestion had been made at a recent Saturday morning breakfast to look around for a new spot for breakfast. Some felt the prices were too expensive. Chad and several others had gone to KC's Family Restaurant on N. Minnesota Ave. to "check it out" that Saturday morning. Good comments were: They weren't busy. The food was good. Negative comments were: Parking could be a problem. Their prices were about the same as Grandma Max's. Grandma Max's has the room to seat 15-20 people easily and they don't mind if we "take up space" for 11/2 - 2 hrs drinking coffee and visiting. A vote was taken and Autobahners voted to continue to meet on Saturday morning at Grandma Max's / Pilot Station on N.Cliff.
Treasurer Tom Melick reported that the treasurery had a balance of $1318.72 as of January 31,2010.
Election of officers was held. 2009 President Chad Gillen and Newsletter Editor Deb Szkok did not seek reelection. Gary Johnson was nominated for president and voted in. No additional nominations were made for secretary-treasurer and Tom holds this office for another year. The group was silent when Chad asked for volunteers for the Newsletter Editor position. After a little prodding JoAnn Zeeb and Mary Hawes
volunteered to take on the challenge.
Many nice gifts were donated for the door prize drawing. Thanks to Judson Cycle, Bak BMW, Gary & Kay Pedersen, Jim Roman, Perry &Kimberly Bly, & Deb and Izzy Szkok for their donations.
The winner of Tom's 12,000+ mile tire contest was Bob Jensen. First prize was a gas card. Second prize was tire conditioner. Bob thought it would be fitting to donate his gas card to Dave McBride who had made the long trek from Des Moines to take in the meeting.

Mary Hawes/JoAnn Zeeb

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