Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have been in this club for close to 20 years now, so
I've seen a lot of people come and go. That's always
going to happen. I miss the ones that are gone, for
whatever reason, and enjoy the ones that have
stayed, and welcome the ones that have joined since
I have been in the club. I enjoy the Sat. breakfasts
and the Wed. night suppers, but my two favorite
Autobahn events are the Annual Meeting and Hawes
Biker Days. I guess this is because I get to see so
many members at one time and members that I don't
see very often. I hope this is true for all of you.
Please have a safe riding season and don't forget to
invite people you see on BMW's to our meetings.
We have a lot of great people in our club and let's
get to know some more.

Gary "das prez" Johnson.

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