Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello riding enthusiasts! I think the season is here, after a
trying winter, the roads are ice free and the grass is greening.I
know most of you have had a ride or two by now. A few things
to consider; tires (pressure and condition, road surfaces
(gravel, sand, potholes, flooded, etc.), & maybe a tune-up
(machine and mental). I would also like to ask you to make
suggestions as to rides or activities that the club members
might be interested in. I don’t have anything specific planned,
but a joint breakfast with the Big Sioux Riders would be fun
again (like in Alcester). Maybe a Wed. night supper further
east, so some of our members don’t have so far to go, or
north, or whatever direction, and try out some place new to
most of us. A ride to Judson and New Ulm is always fun. This
is still a motorcycle club so let’s get some riding in, enjoy
our times together, and be safe.

Gary "das prez" Johnson

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