Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let me introduce you to...

Perry and Kim Bly
I work for Wollman Insurance Agency in Sioux Falls. I
write health, life, and dental, but specialize in health insurance
– group, individual, and over 65 with Medicare. Kim works for
the Brandon School district in Child Nutrition. We have four
children. Becky is finishing her sophomore year at Northwest
Missouri State. Megan is about to graduate Brandon High,
and plans to attend SDSU this fall. Chris and Molly will both
be in middle school next year.
My first motorcycle was a Honda XL250 with a broken
kick start. The farmer pulled me with his tractor to get it
started. I bought it for $75 dollars. It ran like a champ and was
a ton of fun. With extremely limited mechanical skills - I
eventually sold it off for 50 bucks. I couldn’t get the kick start
fixed. It was too hard to start. We didn’t have a tractor. I
sold my second bike, a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6 right before
Christopher was born. We had it for a couple of years. With
busy lives, a baby on the way, and a career change that
moved us to Indiana, I just couldn’t justify having the bike any
longer, and knew it had to go. I don’t think I put 2,000 miles on
it, and it wasn’t really meant to ride with a passenger. It wasn’t
much fun for Kim anyway. It was really fun for me!!!!
I started searching for a bike again, nearly two years ago.
Months of time spent shopping, researching and looking,
mostly by way of the Internet. In April 2009, I found a 2002 LT
for sale by owner in Rapid City. It looked like a good deal, but
I didn’t know a thing about an “LT” I had lots of questions and
even more apprehension. The patient owner finally said “The
best way to describe it is - it’s a crotch rocket with heated
seats.” We didn’t set out to be BMW owners, but a crotch
rocket with heated seats. I had to have it!
The previous owner suggested I join the LT owners online
community. He told me how great the information was. I
don’t know if I would have kept the bike if not for LT on-line
community and the wealth of knowledge they share. They
have saved our relationship. We love the bike more every day.
Not long after getting the “LT”, I met James (Anderson).
He walked into my office to compliment my bike and tell me
about the BMW club, and where they meet. Soon after that, I
pulled up to a gas pump on a Sat. morning to meet Larry and
Mary Hawes on their way back from breakfast with the club.
We got introduced and they told me about the club, the big
event they host each year, and invited us to come out to meet
everyone. I went home and told Kim that we should check this
group out. It might be kinda fun to join. We just thought we
were buying a used motorcycle last April. We didn’t have any
idea all the extra’s that would come with it. We are looking
forward to meeting more people, and getting out to ride with
everybody. We have been slow to get to dinners, but we are
making a better effort now that we know how much fun they
are. We are planning to attend at least one rally this year. We
hope to make it over to Rushford, MN, the first weekend in
June. My dad lives close by so we can see him too.
We hope to see you all soon.
Perry and Kim Bly

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