Sunday, July 17, 2011

Little Flock, Dave McBride & Arkansas, by Tom Meister

“What the flock” do these words have to do with each other?? “What the flock” in deed. I will try to explain.

Dave and I have known each other for over thirty-five years but have never ridden together – anywhere. Dave has a history of dirty, non-shining motorcycles. I on the other hand I like clean, polished motorcycles. So why Dave did this to me has me puzzled??? Was he jealous of my much older but much shinier BMW or of my brand new silver riding jacket? ”What the flock!”

We were both attending the Missouri BMW Rally this last weekend at Crane, Missouri. I wanted to go to Bentonville BMW in Bentonville, Arkansas, to ask some questions and maybe spend some money on my Shiny Red RT. I have never been in this area in my life so I rode down in a group ride. We rode over 90 miles on nice, clean, curvy, PAVED ROADS.

Bentonville BMW served grilled brats and hamburgers. Life is good! I wanted to ask the parts lady some questions about my Shiny Red RT so I got in line – a long line. Finally it was my turn. Parts lady didn’t know the answers about my Shiny Red RT so she put me in 1st place in line #2. Waited some more. Mean while the group ride leaves to return to Crane, Missouri, without me. NOT GOOD. After speaking with the shop manager and not buying anything, my biker buddy Dave walked up and wanted to know if I wanted to ride back with him to Crane. “Why the flock not”, I said to myself, because I really could not have found my way back because of all the different roads – PAVED ROADS - we took to get to Bentonville.

Three BMWs in front of us turned left after leaving the dealer’s parking lot. Dave and Shiny Red RT turned right. “What the flock”, I thought. Oh, well, Biker Buddy Dave has been here many, many times and has a GPS to guide us home. The road ahead looked good, not much traffic, curves, this could be fun. Soon the road narrows and starts to become rougher. Dave pushes on with Shiny Red RT behind him. Then to my horror the road turns to gravel, rough gravel, dusty gravel. Shiny Red RT does not like gravel. I do not like gravel. Dave and his confused companion press on. The ride continues. The road gets rrrrrougher and bbbbbumpier. I am eating dust – Biker Buddy Dave’s dust. We came to a dead end! A “flocking” dead end with a GPS???

The ride continues. Came to an intersection with gravel in all four directions. Biker Buddy Dave is peering into the GPS like it was a magic “flocking” crystal ball. Companion on Very Dusty Red RT wants to use his boot to adjust the GPS or Biker Buddy Dave on the pick of roads. I yell at FORMER Biker Buddy Dave, “Where in ‘flocking’ hell does it say GS on Dusty Red RT???” We continue on for more miles and finally come to a paved road that I remember. Yes, we are on the same road & going in the same direction that we took to Bentonville. The sign ahead of us says we are very near Little Flock, Arkansas, not Crane, Missouri.

Confused rider on Very Dirty Red RT and no longer clean new silver riding jacket wonders “where in the flock” is Little Flock, Arkansas? After many more miles former Biker Buddy Dave turns onto a road I recognize going back to Crane and the rally site.

After arriving home Sunday night I drained all my oils and removed my saddle bags. I have custom made limited edition mufflers on Dirty Red RT. The left one was ready to fall off. If I ever go riding with Biker Buddy Dave again it will be with a “flocking” GS. And Dave can follow me.

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