Thursday, October 13, 2011

RIDE REPORT 2011 PART 3 OF 3, by Gary Pederson

Well, this is not the ride report that I thought I would be writing. The bad news: I rode home in a Delta Air Lines jet from Anchorage to Sioux Falls. That is not an interesting ride to report on!!

Tim, the owner of Alaska ATV Adventures and my summer employer, asked if I would be able to be back in Alaska by the end of April next summer. This presented a logistical problem and a dilemma for me. I know that riders have been on the ALCAN in winter months (yes Toto April is still winter in the north), but I won’t be one of them. My solution was going to be to ride my 650 home, fly to Alaska in April, back to South Dakota the end of May and ride to Indianapolis for the race, and then ride to Alaska. Kay did not think much of what I thought was a very common sense solution. She thought I should leave my 650 in Alaska, fly home with her and then fly back to Alaska next spring. It seems that I may have lost my “permission slip” to ride back and forth to Alaska. So on August 12th I put my 650 in an Alaskan cave (heated storage unit), hooked it to an IV (battery tender), covered it and put it into hibernation until I get back to Alaska next spring. Now that solution does present a problem. It means I will be in South Dakota without my 650, a very undesirable solution. The good news: A solution has been agreed to. I have almost worn out the internet looking for a motorcycle to buy to have here in South Dakota. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to arrive at a Wednesday night supper on my new ride.

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