Monday, May 7, 2012

Member Profile – Bill Claussen, Hardwick, MN

       I started my motorcycle life in 1958 when I bought my first bike a 1945 45inch Harley.  Over the next 50 years or so I‘ve owned about 14 or 15 bikes – some good some not so good – but I think I enjoyed them all.     
       I‘ve worked construction all my working life so until retirement riding has been limited.  I went to my first BMW Rally with the Autobahners.  I was much impressed with the Rally and the riders.  Much
different than the old days of the Sturgis Rally
       The next year I joined the Autobahn Club and enjoyed the club and the members and hope to have
many more years of membership.
       (Bill has attended several MOA and RA National Rallies,  Bear Tooth Rendezvous Rallies,  Top o’the Rockies Rallies, Falling Leaf Rallies and many others.)

Ed.Note:  Among the
bikes Bill has owned are
a ‘48 Harley 74 cubic 
inch, Harley Sprint,
Harley Sportster, &
several  Hondas,
including a 750 and a
Gold Wing.  He has had
three BMW‘s.  His first a
R1100RT.  Then a ‗04
R1200 CL, and a ‘81
R100RT.   He currently
owns the RT,  his ―K
bike‖ – a  Kawasaki
Concourse, and a Honda

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