Monday, September 6, 2010

Husker Rally

Submitted by Lee Hendrix

Mary asked me; let me rephrase that, told me to write up a little story to tell all about the Husker Rally. The main thing is it's a fun little rally and we would like to encourage more attendees from the Autobahners. However, we did win the biggest club award again with 8 attendees. A good time was had by all - plenty to eat and to top things off we had a young entrepreneur show up with a homemade ice cream truck. The story is he is only 17 or so and is still in high-school. He and his dad put the truck together last winter and he is going around to towns in the area and also to any special events such as our rally and peddles his wares which we took advantage of generously. Skeeter even bought Mary an ice cream! The stew was excellent as always and I can't say enough about the beans and the cornbread. I must not fail to mention our Husker Rally storm that usually blows through at sometime or other during the festivities. We had some damage to tent poles (Tom’s) and a couple bikes blew over. All survived with minimal damage. Mary rode her new bike, at least new to her, and won at least 3 prizes of one kind or other - for her K bike, her age?? & the distance she came. Tom got a first place award in the bike show for his 75 airhead, which did look sharp. I got 2nd place in the touring class with my ‘08 Goldwing. I would like to mention there were only 2 in the class.
As an afterthought, Dave McBride was going west to Beartooth and points of interest in that direction from the rally. Jan and I had tentatively planned on having breakfast with Dave, but due to threatening clouds we decided to try to out run the rain. We made a dash east while Dave had to head west.

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