Monday, September 6, 2010

The Zens of Bugs On A Windshield

Submitted by Bram Weidenaar

On Wednesday evening the 25th of August, I attended my first Autobahn Society dinner at the Royal Fork in Sioux Falls since becoming a member. Upon entering the restaurant, I was warmly greeted immediately by several members. Conversation over dinner was filled with getting to know the other members and quite enjoyable.
Following dinner, we congregated in the parking lot to ogle each other’s bikes. It was a cool evening with little wind. So, I headed south following Gary and Jan Johnson toward Canton along Highway 111. After a brief stop in Canton to switch from sunglasses, we rode the loop past Newton Hills State Park, through Fairview, over the Big Sioux and back along the Iowa side to Canton. Parting company with the Johnsons in Canton. I blasted back to Sioux Falls on I-29.
The next morning before I left for work I looked at my K1200LT in the garage. The front was covered in bug guts. I had to smile to myself thinking of how much I enjoyed getting my otherwise clean bike dirty. It’s the seemingly meaningless things like seeing bugs on a windshield of your Beemer that make riding what it is and can’t be explained to those who don’t ride.
Fall is upon us. Now is my favorite time to ride. The days are warm and the evenings are cool. Due to the wet summer, we have bugs in abundance.
I am looking forward to more bugs on my windshield & I am going to keep pestering Tom, the self-described “fun hater”, Wadsworth to ride.

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