Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Annual Meeting Questionaire Response

Thanks to those of you who took the time to respond to the questionnaire with last month’s newsletter. There were NO complaints - unless you count the several questions, “Where was the desert?” Imagine that, someone from Autobahn, aka “WHINE and DINE club”, wanting desert???

Favorable comments were:
--Food was good and plenty of it. Liked
the menu and the buffet style.
--Enjoyed the round table set up – easy to
visit. The party room was nice size.
--The cloth tablecloths & napkins, &
glassware made it seem special.
--There was easy access to lower level
entrance from parking area which also
had plenty of parking spaces.
--Good selection of door prizes which kept
everyone’s interest.

Everyone commented on one of the questions – availability of alcohol. It was unanimous. The availability, or not, of alcohol would not be the determining factor of whether or not an Autobahner would attend the Annual Meeting. However, several said they would enjoy a beer if it was available.

Some suggestions for future meetings:
--Give out some awards – funny & serious.
--If the venue serves liquor, do not have a
bar and bartender specifically for
Autobahn. Those who prefer a drink
would not mind purchasing from the
main bar.
--Could a simple desert have been
substituted at Cherry Creek for the
second potato entrée.

Below is an unofficial report on receipts and expenses from the Annual Meeting.

Meals and “bonus”
door prize tickets. $890.00
Meals $917.32
Room Rent 75.00
Door Prizes 340.25
Total Expenses $1332.57

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