Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Martinsburg NE, Bob's Bar

Five Bikes and a “Quad” leave Sioux Falls for “Big Burgers” at Martinsburg,NE
Story by Dale Nordlie. Pictures by Brion Hase, Gary Johnson, Dale Nordlie & Mary Hawes

Larry Hawes, Bill Claussen, Gary Johnson, Dennis Erickson and Dale Nordlie put on “many layers” before heading for the “Big Burger Capital of the World”, Bob’s Bar at Martinsburg, NE. The trek is an annual “first nice Saturday in March” ride. Bob Jensen followed up in shirt sleeves in his HHR.

Gary thought that rather than setting a specific date in March for our ride to Bob's Bar this year, we should schedule it for the first nice Saturday. That turned out to be March 19th. Gary, Bill, Larry, Dennis, Bob and I took off from Grandma Max's with the temperature somewhere in the 40s. We rode back roads down to Vermillion and caught up with Gerald and a friend of his from Alaska, Jay Johnson, at the gas station on the edge of town. (See insert at right.) They hadn't ridden into Sioux Falls earlier, because of fog and crappy weather farther east. From there we crossed the bridge over the Missouri River into Nebraska.
We arrived at Bob's Bar (Home of the Big Burger) in Martinsburg around noon. Someone commented that the place looked closed and he looked into the window to see if anyone was around. Evidently the bartender/cook/waitress saw him and soon was at the window making faces and sticking out her tongue. I thought that would be a good shot for the newsletter and got my camera off the bike, AND THEN, I look up and she was mooning us. Neither Gary nor I was quick enough to get that shot - Gary's camera batteries were dead and I was just too slow. She told me that she had been wanting to do that for over two weeks (must have been a hard winter in Nebraska), and we were the "lucky" recipients. I couldn't convince her to do a repeat performance for the camera!!
We sat at a large table in the back of the bar and placed our orders. Soon Ed Hill and a friend of his from Norway and Brion and Al from Sioux City joined us. We had burgers and cheeseburgers and french fries and fried mushrooms and onion rings and cheese balls and soda and beer - all of the essential food groups. If you are not familiar with Bob’s, I should tell you that besides the burgers being big, the side orders are huge. Everyone got their fill and I think there was still some food left. Many of the world problems were discussed and solved and soon it was time to hit the road. We rode back through Vermillion and then east through Spink and Akron, Ia., and then north. This was the Autobahn Club's third annual March ride to Bob's Bar. We had 12 people in attendance, 9 bikes and 2 cars--not a bad turn out for mid-March in the midwest.
Ed writes, “Bill and his wife live in a small town in northern Norway. (He is actually an ethnic Laplander) She is a scientist, he is a carpenter, and they have three beautiful young girls. She does scientific research (molecular cell structure and deeper) and teaches at a Norwegian university. Twice the university has sent her to San Diego, CA, on a research grant. The most recent was from just before Christmas until this March. As the winter in Norway is not a great time for construction, Bill and the kids went with her. Bill home schooled their kids thru the internet with their school back home while in San Diego.
Bill likes BMW motorcycles, fast cars, old tractors (and beer). You know he has to be a great guy. Thanks to our members at Bob’s Bar in Martinsburg, he really had a good time there. He said it was the highlight of his trip. He and his family are now back home in Norway.”

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