Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Note from Tom Meister

Happy to see that the Autobahn Society is still in good hands. You (JoAnn) and Mary do a great job on the Newsletters. I’ve been reading last year’s letters to get me through the winter. Could you put a want ad in the newsletter for me. Wanted: A 33/11 rear drive for a R90/6. Also included a joke you can use if you want to fatten up the newsletter a little.
This April I will be celebrating an anniversary of sorts. I will have owned my R90/6 for thirty-six years. It doesn’t seem possible. The price was amazing, for me at least, at that time - $3200. That got me a 1975 R90/6 with crash bars.
This sweet running boxer has taken me to a lot of rallies over the years. From Key West & back, the Three Flags Classic which took us to Tijuana and up to Vancouver, and from there to Winnipeg and then down to the Dells BMW rally. Paige Herrig also riding a R90/6 at the time was a constant riding buddy of mine.
Due to riding style changes only, I am on the third fairing, second gas tank and third set of handlebars. I think I’ll keep her a little longer. I would rather sell my grandmother into slavery than sell that bike.

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